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CIPA Certified
Fortinet's FortiGuard Web Filtering Subscription Service has been extensively developed to help our customers attain compliance with HR4577 by offering a hosted service that provides Web URL filtering for schools, libraries, government agencies, and enterprise businesses of all sizes.

The Internet has increased students' exposure to many valuable and useful sources of information; unfortunately, however, it has also made it easy to access inappropriate or illegal content and to utilize campus networks for non-educational pursuits.

Key Issues Include:
  • Access to inappropriate content and exposure to potential liability
  • Intrusions into academic record and exam data-stores
  • Utilization of campus networks for illegal content sharing
  • Propagation of viruses, worms and other content-based threats
  • Reduction in performance of key academic applications due to use of campus networks for bandwidth-hungry applications

Fortinet Solutions for Education

These issues have placed an enormous strain on all resources that are associated with the maintenance or support of campus computing systems and networks. For example, maintaining host-based Antivirus software on every desktop and laptop is extremely difficult in dynamic academic environments. This is especially challenging with student-owned computers that connect to the campus network but are not under the control of the institution's IT administrators.

In addition, many of today's threats propagate via Web applications, and therefore can easily bypass email-centric defenses against content-based threats. While numerous products are available today that can be used to filter inappropriate content, eliminate viruses and worms, detect network intrusions and prevent access to critical computing assets, the cost of procuring and managing multiple, independent systems stretches the budget limitations of most educational institutions.

Fortinet Offers:

  • Protection from viruses, worms and intrusions
  • Secure connectivity between remote locations and the network
  • Protection from inappropriate content and compliance with regulatory norms
  • Maximization of bandwidth and other network resources
  • Protection of administrative resources and students from hackers
  • TCO related issues such as ease of maintenance and updating, maximization of performance, and leveraging capital and expense budgets

Fortinet's FortiGate™ Antivirus Firewalls address the key network protection needs of educational institutions. Fortinet's ASIC-powered systems scan email, Web and file transfer content at the network edge and in real time - protecting the educational network from viruses, worms and other inappropriate and malicious content before it can enter the network. In addition, every FortiGate system includes built-in intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, firewall, VPN and traffic shaping functionality in one easy to install, maintain and update unit.

If you have questions or concerns about deploying Fortinet products in your environment, please feel welcome to contact us toll free: 877-386-3763.

Solutions by Technology

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Fortinet's FortiMail systems are optimized for enterprise customers, delivering a wealth of reliable and high performance features to detect, tag, quarantine and block spam messages and their malicious attachments. Quick installation with low maintenance overhead combined with Fortinet's award winning administration interface guarantees ease-of-use with a low cost of ownership making FortiMail appliances the most powerful and affordable enterprise-class email security systems available today.

Antispam Accelerated:
  • High Performance, hardened appliance with configurable RAID storage
  • FortiGuard Antispam utilizes multiples spam detection methods
  • Cost-effective per device Antivirus and Antispam subscription
  • FortiGuard Antispam offers simple setup
  • Full-featured email server capabilities
  • Tri-mode functionality, Gateway, Transparent, Server
  • Integrated industry-leading antivirus scanning
  • Detailed logging and customized reporting

Medium Enterprise

Utilizing the FortiMail integrated Antispam and Antivirus security features, small-sized organizations can cost effectively fight spam without the need to deploy additional servers. All that is needed for organizations to take advantages of FortiGuard's™ in-the-cloud service along with six additional Antispam features is to enable the corresponding options on the FortiMail appliance. Fortinet's per device Antispam and Antivirus subscription services are much lower than competitive offerings which license their services on per user basis.

FortiMail Medium Enterprise AntiSpam Solutions

Large Enterprises with Multiple Mail Relays

FortiMail appliances deliver advanced antispam protection for large enterprises with multiple mail servers. Deploying multiple FortiMail appliances as mail transfer agents scales email performance for busy enterprises. Utilizing DNS MX weighted queuing provides redundancy allowing for fail over and load balancing of spam and antivirus scanning when running in gateway mode.

FortiMail Large Enterprise AntiSpam Solutions

MSSP Managed Security Services

Service providers can take advantage of FortiMail integrated Antispam and Antivirus protection to create a two-tiered, layered security design. Authentication servers (LDAP, RADIUS, IDAP, POP3, SMTP, IMAP) are deployed for user and domain authentication. Each email domain managed by the MSSP flows through the FortiMail which has unique policies per domain. Performance scales by adding additional FortiMail units in gateway mode/transparent mode.

FortiMail Managed Security AntiSpam Solutions

Small / Home Office Antispam Solution

Fortinet's SOHO models provide a cost effective Antispam security solution offering the same key security features found on the high end enterprise class systems. The FortiMail's ease of installation and management delivers set-and-go installations.

FortiMail Home Office AntiSpam Solutions

Solutions by Customer Size

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Fortinet SoHo & SMB Solutions

Network threats don't discriminate by business size, putting branch corporate offices and smaller sized businesses at much at risk to attack as an enterprise. However, smaller businesses require security that is affordable and turnkey, yet still offers comprehensive protection. Fortinet offers market-leading unified threat management appliances that integrate all the essential security needed to protect a business - including antivirus, firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, Web filtering, Antispam, Anti-spy ware, and traffic shaping.

These easy-to-deploy and manage systems are ideally suited to provide smaller businesses and branch offices with the greatest flexibility, protection, and affordability available in a modern security platform.

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Fortinet FortiGate systems offer the following advantages for branch offices, Small to Medium Business and Small / Home Offices:
  • Market-leading Unified Threat Management (UTM) functionality
  • ICSA certified enterprise class security at a small business price point
  • Affordable and easy to deploy and manage

Numerous branch offices, SMBs and SOHOs around the world are deploying Fortinet FortiGate systems, including the following:

  • Jenny Craig
  • Gold's Gym
  • Pizza Express
  • Roy's Restaurants
  • Aero Nimbus

If you have questions or concerns about deploying Fortinet products in your environment, please feel welcome to contact us toll free: 877-386-3763.