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FortiManager Centralized Management

Take Control of Your Security Infrastructure

FortiManager centralized management appliances deliver the essential tools needed to effectively manage your Fortinet-based security infrastructure. Whether deploying a few or thousands of new devices or agents, distributing updates, or installing security policies across managed assets, FortiManager appliances drastically reduce management costs and overhead.

FortiManager Deployment

Device discovery, group management, auditing facilities, and the ability to manage complex mesh and star VPN environments are just of a few of the time-saving features that FortiManager appliances offer. Complemented by the FortiAnalyzer™ centralized logging and reporting appliance, the FortiManager appliance is a comprehensive and powerful centralized management solution for your organization.

Be The Master of Your Domain

Because FortiManager appliances scale to manage thousands of Fortinet devices and agents, we offer a choice of two management modes for increased flexibility. You may choose to manage all assets centrally, with configuration choices being made from the FortiManager user interface. Alternately, you can enable a distributed network of administrators to manage sets of devices and agents based on your definitions.

Groupings of devices and agents, along with their administrators, form the FortiManager concept of Administration Domains (ADOMs). And whether you choose the fully centralized or distributed management model, with one or one hundred ADOMs, FortiManager appliances always allow you to manage your Fortinet assets effectively and efficiently.