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FortiAuthenticator user identity management appliances strengthen enterprise security by simplifying and centralizing the management and storage of user identity information used for authentication. Designed as a central repository for user validation information, FortiAuthenticator enables multiple authentication technologies for controlling user access including two-factor authentication, identity verification and network access control.

Stronger Security with Two-factor Authentication

FortiAuthenticator extends two-factor authentication capability to multiple FortiGate appliances and to third party solutions that support RADIUS or LDAP authentication.

User identity information from FortiAuthenticator combined with authentication information from FortiToken ensures that only authorized individuals are granted access to your organization’s sensitive information. This additional layer of security greatly reduces the possibility of data leaks while helping companies meet audit requirements associated with government and business privacy regulations.

FortiAuthenticator Deployment

FortiAuthenticator supports the widest range of tokens possible to suit your user requirements. With the physical Fortitoken-200, e-mail and SMS tokens and the new FortiToken Mobile for iOS and Android device, FortiAuthenticator has a token options for all users.

Two-factor authentication can be used to control access to applications such as FortiGate management, SSL and IPSEC VPN, Wireless Captive Portal login, third party networking equipment and web sites.