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FortiDDoS 900B

FortiDDoS-900B FortiDDoS 900B DDoS Protection Appliance - 8 pairs x 10 GE SFP+ DDoS Defense Ports (can also support GE SFPs), 2x GE RJ45 Management Ports, Dual AC Power Supplies. Includes 480 GB SSD storage and 2x 10 GE SR SFP+. 18 Gbps throughput. Does NOT support Advanced DNS Mitigation.
Manufacturer: Fortinet

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Proven DDoS Defense

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks continue to remain the top threat to IT security and have evolved in almost every way to do what they do best: shut down your vital online services. Never has a problem been so dynamic and broad-based without being tied to one particular technology. There is almost an unlimited array of tools that Hacktivists and Cyberterrorists can use to prevent access to your network. Sophisticated DDoS attacks target Layer 7 application services where they are much smaller in size making it nearly impossible for traditional ISP-based mitigation methods to detect them.

DDoS Protection Appliance - 8 pairs x Shared Media DDoS Defense Ports (including 8 pairs x GE RJ45 with bypass protection, 8 pairs x GE SFP slots), 2x GE RJ45 Management Ports, AC Power Supply with Redundant Power Option. Includes 480 GB SSD storage. 12 Gbps throughput. Does NOT support Advanced DNS Mitigation.

The Ever-changing DDoS Attack


To combat these attacks, you need a solution that is equally dynamic and broadbased. Fortinet’s FortiDDoS Attack Mitigation appliances use behavior-based attack detection methods and 100% ASIC-based processors to deliver the most advanced and fastest DDoS attack mitigation on the market today.

A Different and Better Approach to DDoS Attack Mitigation

Only Fortinet uses a 100% ASIC approach to its DDoS products without the overhead and risks of a CPU or CPU/ASIC hybrid system. The FortiASIC-TP2 transaction processors provide both detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks. The FortiASIC-TP2 processor handles all Layer 3, 4 and 7 traffic types, speeding detection and mitigation performance resulting in the lowest latency in the industry.

FortiDDoS uses a 100% heuristic/behavior-based method to identify threats compared to competitors that rely primarily on signature-based matching. Instead of using pre-defined signatures to identify attack patterns, FortiDDoS builds a baseline of normal activity and then monitors traffic against it. Should an attack begin, FortiDDoS sees this as an anomaly and then immediately takes action to mitigate it. You’re protected from known attacks and from the unknown “zero-day” attacks as FortiDDoS doesn’t need to wait for a signature file to be updated.

Advanced DDoS Protection for Enterprise Datacenters

  • 100% hardware-based Layer 3, 4 and 7 DDoS protection provides fast identification and mitigation of attacks.
  • Behavior-based DDoS protection reacts to any threat without the need for signature files.
  • Up to 24 Gbps full-duplex throughput with bidirectional attack mitigation.
  • Combines IP reputation scoring, Geo-location ACLs, and slow attack mitigation for complete Layer 3, 4, and 7 DDoS attack protection in a single appliance.
  • Industry leading ultra-low latency of less than 50 microseconds.
  • Continuous threat evaluation minimizes risk of “false positive” detections.
  • Advanced connectivity with up to 16x 10G SFP+ Fiber interfaces with built-in bypass capabilities.
  • Easy to deploy and manage with intuitive GUI and comprehensive reporting and analysis tools.